Fun is what we do!

With years of experience of packing dance floors, we have what it takes to get the people off of their chairs!

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Even Maw Maw Gets Down!

With creativity in our music selection, we take your party on a journey to party town. We get everyone on the bus and our job is not done until even Maw Maw gets down.

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Crowd Participation

We do all of the important dances and cake cutting, but then it's time to cut up. The crowd is on board and people stay late!

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It’s your party, and we do everything that we can to enhance it with your input.  We definitely take requests and can even download music on the fly.  Your Event = Custom Fun and Flow.

We provide optional sit down consultation at no additional charge.  This is at your discretion and is completely voluntary.  Most instructions and requests can be handled over email, phone, or text as well.

We offer ceremony sounds and music coordination.  This service is available as an add on to our wedding packages.

I Saved $100…

The prices of weddings in Lafayette, LA are on the rise and the cost of some of the major event details are jumping rapidly. Everyone is searching for the perfect wedding venue, the Church your parents were married in, the best tasting cake, the perfect flower arrangement, and the tastiest caterer. All of these things cost thousands of dollars and are just part of the equation. Picture this… Everything is perfect, you have all of the above lined up and everything is just right. All of your family gather into the reception hall and to your horror you see the DJ you booked site unseen. He is wearing a dirty LSU tshirt and he is playing on some broken up pawn shop equipment which keeps cutting out. He is yelling on the microphone in his Cajun accent and trying to make the event about him and could care less about your ideas and input. The perfect wedding is overshadowed by the Couyon on the microphone… It’s too late and now your committed and upset… But you saved $100 on a DJ…

PS: Cutting price on the one thing that the people remember is never a good idea. If a guy is too cheap and available every weekend, there may be a reason! – Jamie

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